What does Round Peg Square Hole actually do?

We give you the tools to free your mind, enabling you to create your best business and life through our products.

How do you do it?

Our products are created from years of expoerience & play & research & trial & error & a sense of fun.

Products such as apps, e-courses, e-books, blogs, case studies and stuff like that.

Why do you do it?

Our Philosophy (mission & values)

Mission - Celebrate

Encourage & celebrate people who think differently, to be ok with doing their own thing.

Mission - Play

Encourage 'grown-ups' to play more & give themselves permission to play.

Mission - Best Business

Enable small business owners to find the headspace to create their best business through innovative & (usually) playful products.


  • be creative
  • laugh everyday
  • make up stories
  • stop and breathe

More Values

  • be passionate
  • be curious
  • consider all ideas
  • listen mindfully

Even More Values

  • just be you (you rock)
  • keep learning
  • only follow the crowd if you were going that way anyway