This is You

You are a creative - artist, writer, musician, illustrator, designer, crafter, jewellery maker... (you make stuff)

  • You are looking for a way to be more focused and productive
  • You are ready to burst through your potential
  • You get frustrated with yourself because you know how much more you can achieve
  • You get easily distracted and then annoyed with yourself, so you end up doing nothing, and then you get annoyed and distract yourself and so on
  • You're looking for a way out of the cycle of distraction
  • You want a way to be accountable to someone (or some people) who understand

Stuff for you :)

Feel free to sign up for the exclusive, limited availability downloadable round peg square hole Puzzle Book.  In addition to this, you will be first in line to receive any updates, special offers and behind the scenes gossip as we launch new products and stuff for you.

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It's full of stuff like colouring in, sudoku, a couple of logic puzzles, a codeword, wordsearch. The perfect way to fill a few minutes and clear your head.

round peg square hole puzzle cover

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This Awesome Marketing Planner is from Claire Mitchell's The Girls Mean Business.  It has changed my life!

Apart from the brilliant illustrations (I love them) it is the best laid out planner I've used.  And being a stationery addict, I've used many! So I am happy to be an affiliate for The Girls Mean Business.

A5, full-colour, hardback full of marketing training, accountability, trackers and more. A member only Facebook group, online training, A2 Wall Planner & weekly emails to keep you on track. 

Click here to get more information and start planning your marketing today (or tomorrow when the planner arrives!)

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